Things to do and see in Miami…

Miami is one of the more popular names of cities of the United States. It has received a lot of attention in both national and international media and for good reason. The largest metropolitan city of the state of Florida is divided into three major districts – Downtown, North and West/South. Each of these districts hosts a number of tourist attractions and activities so if you’re wondering which city of the country to visit next on your holiday, try Miami!

Seaside Activities and Beaches of Miami

The beaches of Miami are, hands down, the hot spots for tourists and natives alike. The Miami Beach, lining the Pacific and across the Biscayne Bay is a perfect place to soak in the sun and make vacation memories. Other beaches that are equally, if not more, popular are the South beach and the Haulover Beach Park in the North where you can enjoy topless sunbathing.

Along with hanging by the beach, the city is also unique in its transport and tours.  Boat tours and airboat tours are fun activities for everyone to get around and take a wider view at the skyline of Miami.

Food and Cuisine at Miami

Along with its sunny beaches, the city is also known for its versatile range of food and cuisines. The Bongos Cuban Café is one of the most popular cafes of Miami with a Latin theme and Latin flavors.

La Carreta, a Cuban restaurant, is located at the International airport and serves 5-star gourmet food that tourists love. Other eateries worth checking out are Chef Allen’s, Casa Tua and OLA.  

A good friend, Bob Lyall, who is the managing partner at PAW Materials, a company that provides dumpster rentals in Wesley Chapel Florida, has spent many mini vacations visiting the Miami beaches and always raves about the food.  He says the Atlantic Coast is MUCH different from the Gulf Coast where he lives in Hudson Florida.

Festivals and Events

The public events held in Miami are the reason why the city is always so energetic and festive. Apart from the hot months of July and August, a number of fun events are held in this city of Florida. Some of these include the Ultra Music Festival (arguably the most anticipated festival in Miami of the year), Miami Fashion Week, Carnaval Miami and the South Beach Food Festival.

Top Attractions To Explore In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, also known as the City of Las Vegas is known to be the 28th most populated city of the country as well as the has the largest population for the state of Nevada. Being the largest city in the Mojave Desert, this city is the main anchor for Las Vegas valley metropolitan area.

Those visiting US will want to make this city a must stop by destination as it is a world renowned hub of entertainment, nightlife, fine dining and gambling besides other attractions. It is small wonder then that the city is known as the Entertainment capital of the world. With mega casinos and hotels located here, it is also a leading destination to find diverse hospitality venues, from AAA Five Diamond hotels, luxury resorts, business convention centers and so forth. It is known to be the capital of adult entertainment across the globe.

Head over to the Las Vegas strip that houses the numerous retail and famous street side venues. These include pedestrian malls, high tech light shows, lavish restaurants and eateries of celebrity chefs and several iconic venues such as Golden Nugget that opened here in 1946.

Among the iconic casino resorts to visit is the Bellagio, which is a landmark building of the city which is hard to miss and is known to be a casino resort with posh dining, live shows and luxurious living accommodation.

MGM Grand Las Vegas is the next place to go which is another casino resort of gigantic proportions and trendy clubs.

The Mirage is a casino hotel that also houses a dolphin habitat; the Luxor Las Vegas hotel with its pyramid shape is an Egyptian themed casino resort here.

The Red Rock Canyon area is a natural conservatory region that is a must visit. It is known for hiking and rock climbing activities and related recreational facilities.

These are some of the few among the innumerable attractions that characterize this entertainment city.

Landmarks That Characterize Seattle, Washington

If you wish to visit a city in the Pacific Northwest of the country Seattle is hard to miss. This city is located on Puget Sound and because of its strategic location it is a city that has mountains, water bodies and evergreen forests, not to mention large areas of parklands. Being the largest city of Washington state, the city is home to several iconic industries and companies. Amazon and Microsoft headquarters are located in this city. There are several legacies and history linked landmarks to discover around this city.

For those who are interested in science fiction, they will want to check out Space Needle which is an iconic landmark, a legacy that dates back to 1962. It is an iconic spire that is 605 feet tall and is located at the Seattle Center with a rotating restaurant and an observation deck.

The historic Pike Place Market is recommended by most people who are familiar with Seattle. This public market is located by the scenic Elliot Bay waterfront. Opened in 1907, it is one of the oldest marketplaces in the country that has been in continuous operation. This marketplace saw the birth of Starbucks, the renowned coffee shop chain.

Next in line would be Chihuly Garden and Glass, a garden cum museum space that has art and sculpture on display. With large colorful glass works that were made famous by Dale Chihuly, this place has indoor and outdoor works that attract visitors from all over.

The city is located in the Puget Sound area which is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. Because of its location, there are sea watching observatories and aquariums to visit here as well as whale watching activities that one can take up.

Boston city is known for several famous musicians and their works which is best discovered at the Experience Music Project Museum. This place is dedicated to artists like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Bo Diddley and others.

These are some of the several places one can visit to know what Seattle is famous for.

Visiting Syracuse and the things you want to consider checking out…

There is a lot of history in upstate New York. If you ever are heading west of Albany, make sure to invest time visiting Syracuse.

Syracuse is an older city that is starting to make a strong come back. It is located two hours west of Albany, and two hours east of Buffalo. The snowfall in the winter is truly unbelievable do to the lake affect snow coming off of Lake Ontario. It is not uncommon to see 8 to 10 feet of snow every year so if you are a snowshoer or cross country skier, there are plenty of trails around trails that you can visit to get outside for sure.

If you love great food you will definitely want to stop at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que,  Home to the best finger licking barbecue food I’ve ever eaten.

If you like the shopping experience,  Destiny USA  is New York’s largest shopping and dining center available to anyone who loves great shopping.

College football is a past time in Syracuse where the Orangemen play at the Carrier Dome.

From a real estate perspective, prices are starting to rise, consistent with the increase of jobs and technology coming to the area.   Many companies are starting to invest in the area because it is centrally located to all other major cities in New York State.

The population has sat around 140,000 people and has steadily declined over the last 20 years. This is consistent with all upstate New York cities as taxes are still very high and there are a lot of challenges with the weather and other cultural issues.

Still, this is definitely a great city with a lot of rich history and many museums and exhibits to visit.

Top 3 Places You Must Visit In Montreal, Quebec

Montreal in Quebec is the second popular city in Canada. It was originally named as Ville Marie or City of Mary. Located on the Island of Montreal it later on took the same name. The city is located on an island and there are several other peripheral islands that surround it. The continental climate is a distinct aspect of the region where the summers are hot and warm and followed by cold and snowy winters. Montreal has a metropolitan area along with several municipalities. French is the official language of the city as there is about 66% French speaking population here.

It was historically the commercial capital of the country and today it remains a center for several industries in the finance, aerospace, commerce, culture, tourism, pharmaceuticals and others. Montreal houses several international organizations and their headquarters; it is known to be an ideal destination for different international association events. History of the place showcases the influence of the European settlers here, especially the French.

If you are traveling to Montreal, the places to see and do here are numerous. You could start by visiting Old Montreal, where one can enjoy the Parisian style historic district lined with museums, cultural landmarks, restaurants and sidewalk cafes. Mont or Mount Royal Park is an important landmark of this city. Frederick Law Olmsted designed this park in 1876 and there are birds, plants to enjoy here as well as activities and services that make it a wonderful recreational venue. Notre Dame Basilica is the oldest church here, a Catholic religious building that was built way back in 1656. The rich and intricate designs of the interiors and stained glass works make it a must see for place for all visitors to the city. These are some of the several places that you can see and experience in Montreal.