Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Bennington, Vermont

Bennington is the 3rd largest town in the state of Vermont, in the US. It is one of the most populous towns in the state. It is located on the western border of the Green Mountains. The Walloomsac River runs through its mainland, flowing towards the east. The river has contributed to the early development of several industrial sectors in this region. Bennington is known for its exceptional pottery and textile works. The town has several historic sites and war memorabilia that attract many tourists to this beautiful town.  A good friend, Brandon, who runs Southern Star Roofing in Charlotte, has mentioned frequent visits over the years to New England, specifically southern Vermont.  With his love of history throughout the Northeast, Bennington has always been a favorite on his list.  He also recommends going up to Winhall Brook and checking out the great hiking trails too.

Some of the most-visited tourist destinations in Vermont are explained below:


  • The First Congregational Church


Built in 1805, the church is a great example of the classic architecture of the Federal Period. The interiors and the vestibule are designed beautifully. Many visitors come during the night time when the church looks more alive with candles illuminating its artistic structures.

Address: 1 Monument Cir, Bennington, Vermont 05201.


  • The Bennington Battle Monument


This battle monument is a part of the historic village of Old Bennington. The place was built at the site of the historic battle that took place in the year 1777. In this battle, the British army was dis-featured by the American troops led by Brigadier General, John Stark. The monument which is 61 meters tall serves as an observatory that offers an amazing view of the entire town and beyond. 

Address: 15 Monument Cir, Bennington, Vermont 05201.

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM.


  • The Bennington Museum


Established in the year 1928, the museum represents a valuable collection of historic artifacts. It has a beautiful art gallery that exhibits antique paintings and artworks. The museum has a special wing that features the works of Grandma Moses. It features a special section dedicated to military exhibits that includes the relics from the Battle of Bennington.

Address: 75 Main St, Bennington, Vermont 05201.

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM, (Wednesday – Closed).


  • The Bennington Center For the Arts


The exhibition center is known for its huge collection of artworks that includes paintings, sculptures, crafts, and pottery. It features some amazing work of Native American art and beautiful bird carvings. Here you can also visit the Covered Bridge Museum

Address: 44 Gypsy Ln, Bennington, Vermont 05201.

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday – Closed.

Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of Puerto López

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If you are looking to enjoy the best sights and sounds on a very small budget, then there is no better place to visit than Puerto López. This is a small town located along the central coast of Ecuador. I am a nature and adventure lover and this place had everything that I was looking for. 

Attractions of Puerto López 


  • Playa Los Frailes


This is the most attractive beach that I came across on my tour to Ecuador. It is very clean and this could be because it is less frequented by visitors. The beach is situated within the Machalilla National Park. I found the crescent shape of the beach and the fine white sands very inviting. 


  • Agua Blanca Museum


Get to know more about the Manteno period during the visit to this museum. This is an archeological site where I got to get insights into the pre-Hispanic culture, the villages, and the life and culture of the people then. It does take about 2 to 3 hours to scan the entire place. 


  • Salango Island


If you love surface diving and want to know more about the coral reef, then head to Isla Salango. The beach is about 4 kilometers and you get to enjoy the sights of many of the native birds here. 


  • Machalilla National Park


This is a totally different park from the regular parks that you find in many places. The park is a combination of semi-desert, with some areas very dry, and other areas that have beautiful beaches, cliffs, attractive landscapes, and beaches. It is an ideal place to visit for fun loving and adventurous people as well as researchers.  


  • Humpback Whales


Travel during the month of late June and the first half of October to get a glimpse of humpback whale mating. They will carry out acrobatics during their mate dancing. It is a real visual treat that I really loved watching.

Binghamton the Perfect Place to Plan Family Vacation

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Are you planning to spend your vacation in Binghamton I’m looking for some travel guide? Well, I am not a travel guide, but I have been to the city to spend my vacation. I am sharing here what I like most in the city with the hope that this information will help you in planning your vacation in Binghamton. If you are from New York, and coming to Binghamton for the first time, then it is better you plan the trip in advance and get all your booking done.

This city is one of the biggest in New York, United States and therefore for tourists, the city has many things to offer. Starting from parks, zoo, museums to discover center, art gallery, almost everything is there. Because there are so many things to check in Binghamton, I decided to list down only important places, so that you don’t miss out the real fun of being in the city in the absence of knowledge.

Binghamton Zoo

The zoo is present at Ross Park in Binghamton. It is one of the oldest in the United State. The zoo has a huge number of animals from different species and breeds. The zoo remains open from April to December.

Roberson Museum and Science Center

The museum focuses on art, science, natural history, and local history. The main attraction of the museum is the 1904 Roberson Mansion. It is wonderful and has a magnetic attraction.

Discovery Center of the Southern Tier

Though this place is for children, but young people also enjoy theme plays and outdoor story garden.

Otsiningo Park

This is a green space where you can enjoy with family. The park has beautiful trails, flowers and some rides for children. It is a good option for those who are on vacation with family.

The other attractions of Binghamton are MacArthur park, confluence park, St. James Church.


The Major Attractions Of Choloma

Choloma is the third largest city in Honduran and also the financial hub. Most factories of Honduran are present in Choloma. It is present at the north of San Pedro Sula and south of Puerto Cortes. From a tourism point of view, the city has many exciting things to do. There are historical sites present that show old culture and architect of the city, museums are there to share information about the history of the city along with that many adventures and fun-filled activities are there.

Parque Nacional Pico Pijol, Santa Cruz De Yojoa

This is a national park present in the Yoro region, Honduras. The park is spread in an area of 120 square kilometers and has the elevation of 1800 meters. It is divided into three municipalities that are Yoro, Morazan, and Victoria. The park comprises of the massive variety of animals and plants and most of them are on verge of extinction. All these have been kept here in their natural habitat. For lovers of wildlife and plants, this is must visit the place.

Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo, Puerto Cortes

If you are in the city do not skip visiting Iglesia a La Luz Del Mundo. This is a place where you can feel your inner self and become closer to the divinity. Because of its calmness and serenity, you will like you are in heaven once you enter into the church. It is one of the most visited places in Choloma

Confettis Disco, San Pedro Sula

For the lover of late night party, Choloma does not have much to offer, but you can take a short drive to San Pedro Sula from here visit this popular disco. During the weekend you will see an awesome crowd here and the disc remains open until 5 or 6 am the next morning.

The other attractions of this city are hotel Terraza for its delicious food.

Lunenburg: Indulge Yourself In The Charming Seaside Town

On my visit to Lunenburg, I found out that it is not short of sites. It is s picturesque which has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the colonial settlement. Whether you just stroll around the buildings or dine in one of the fine restaurants, you are surely going to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Given below are the great things that you can do when you visit Lunenburg.

  • Visit Fisheries Museum

The red building of Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic isn’t difficult to find. You will find aquariums on display. I love watching fishes, so this was on my must-visit list. The Ice House Theatre shows films all through the day. There are historical vessels with historic interpreters who are actually retired, captain and fishermen. I got to learn a lot about the marine line and the oldest dory schooner of Canada.

  • Enjoy a festival

Lunenburg sure hosts some great festivals and events. To enjoy traditional music, you can check out the Boxwood Festival. However, the longest running festival in the city is the Folk Harbor Festival. There is music, workshops, dance, and conferences which are held for 4 days. I had so much fun enjoying the music and the dance.

  • Drop in at Knaut-Rhuland House

This is a historical site managed by the Heritage Society of Lunenburg. The display of life in the city in the 19th century enabled me to learn more about its history. I availed a guided tour for my convenience. It holds temporary, as well as permanent exhibitions.

  • Take a walk around old town

The Old Town of Lunenburg is an urban community of North America which has been labeled as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a stroll around to check out the various shops and restaurants. I got some souvenirs for my loved ones from the Old Town.

Dusseldorf – A Luxurious Family Getaway

Dusseldorf is a beautiful city located on the banks of the popular Rhine River. There are many points of interest in this place that can definitely impress you. It is a perfect place for family holidays as the city has many shopping streets, gardens, and historic buildings that are well preserved through the ages. We also went on a boat tour that offered some unforgettable views of the Rhine River. The major tourist destinations in the city are as follows.

  • Wildpark Dusseldorf

Located in Rennbahnstr, the Wildpark Dusseldorf is a beautiful park in Dusseldorf that attracts many local and foreign tourists every year. The place is located in a secluded neighborhood that allows the animals to live in a tranquil habitat. There are many animals like deer that are left to roam freely. Visitors can enjoy watching them from a close range and also feed them. The place has many natural trails and green landscapes that make it an ideal location for an outing with the kids.

  • Rheinufer

Rheinufer is a popular location by the river Rhine. The walking trails offer a nice place to stroll. The view of the river and the shopping streets make the place an ideal location for visitors. There are many historic buildings in this area that make the environment look all the more classic. The trails are also used by bikers when the area is less crowded. There are also many restaurants, bars, and cafes in this area that serve great food and refreshments throughout the day.

  • Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

The popular art institute in the city is the main tourist attraction and one of the most visited sites in the state.  My visit to this historic art museum was truly enlightening.  The institute has 3 exhibition venues, namely, the K20, K21, and Schmela Haus. The art galleries display paintings by popular artists like Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, and Pablo Picasso. Here you can also see artworks by many popular American artists. Besides paintings, there are sculptures, photographs, and installations of international rank.

Rochester, New York, suprisingly, is the City That Has It All

things to check out in Rochester NYRochester is a city with a unique combination of both man-made and natural resources. It offers best of amenities required for a good living. There are many attractions to suit everyone’s interest which includes historical sites, music and arts festivals, water sports and more. Some of the top attractions of Rochester have been mentioned below:


  • The Strong National Museum of Play: a largest history interactive museums in US


The museum houses the comprehensive compilation of historic components related to play. It provides a multifaceted choice of exhibition, research and interpretive activities to serve the requirements of distinct individuals, including adults, children, families, teachers, students, scholars and more. 



Step into the lush rainforest atmosphere and walk among countless colorful, vibrant and free-flying tropical butterflies. The chrysalis case is indeed a must see as you can find emerging little butterflies.


  • Seneca Park Zoo: do not miss the African safari


For all wildlife lovers, this is the place to be in Rochester. It is a zoo which is home to more than 90 species which includes reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and more. The African safari takes you to a wonderful wildlife tour with elephants and lions.


  • The Genesee River: soak in the beauty of the waterway 


The Genesee River was like a second home to the Iroquois people who stayed in this region before the establishment of the city took place in the early 1800s. People visit this spot to experience some adventurous activities such as biking, hiking, dining by the river or simply paddling.


  • Durand Eastman Park:  a favorite spot for sunbathers


Durand Eastman Park has 5,000 feet of waterfront of Lake Ontario and is a favorite destination for visitors as they visit this place for sun bathing. The cross country skiing is popular here during winters. Swimming, hiking, golfing, and playground areas are the other amenities offered here.

Peoria is a Treasure Trove Of Historic Sites

things to do in Peoria IllinoisPeoria is a city located on the Illinois River. The place was founded by a French Explorer.  As of today, it is a popular tourist destination that features many historic sites and structures. The city also has a dazzling nightlife and is recognized for its performing arts centers. Some of the most-visited tourist spots are described below:


  • Grand View Drive: set off on an unforgettable journey


One of the best locations in Peoria is none other than the Grand View Drive. The place offers amazing views of the Illinois River and the strikingly beautiful river valley with its dense foliage and colorful trees. There are many sites where tourists can halt for picnicking.


  • Peoria Zoo: a paradise for wildlife lovers


Peoria Zoo is a prime attraction that draws many family tourists and wildlife admirers to this city. The place houses more than 100 species of wild animals including elephants, giraffes, spider monkeys, rhinoceros, and sea lions.


  • Northmoor Observatory: a glimpse into the celestial world


Northmoor Observatory is a great place to visit if you are interested in space watching. Many tourists visit this observatory at the night time. This allows them to get a clear view of the stars and planets. The place also employs talented staff members that help the visitors with all the information they need.


  • Peoria Riverfront Museum: an exciting day tour


Located on the Washington Street, Peoria Riverfront Museum is an ideal destination for a day-long tour. It is a museum of art, natural history, and science with a wide range of exhibits like paintings, decorative art, posters, and carvings. The place also houses a planetarium and a theater.


  • Luthy Botanical Garden:  an enchanting world of blooms


Luthy Botanical Garden is located on the North Prospect Road. It was established in the year 1951. The place spans 5 acres of theme gardens that feature a spectacular floral display. The absolute beauty of the garden brings thousands of tourists to this place.

Miami is the Land Of Exotic Beaches

things to do in MiamiMiami is one of the most-visited cities in Florida. The place is known for its beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. The city also features many historic landmarks and cultural centers, including old churches and cathedrals. Watersports cruises, and boat rides are some of the notable tourist activities in Miami. The best places to visit are as follows:


  • Jungle Island: an unforgettable wildlife experience


Jungle Island is an eco-adventure park that was established around 80 years back. Formerly, it was known as the Parrot Jungle. As of today, the place is home to 3000 animals, including 1000 different species of parrots. The place features a safari tour and petting zoo wherein tourists can closely watch and interact with exotic animals like red kangaroos.


  • Miami Seaquariumthe oldest marine-life attraction in the city


Located in Biscayne Bay, Miami Seaquarium is a 35-acre Oceanarium. The place is known for its marine life exhibition that includes sharks and fishes. Besides the popular Killer Whale Show performed by Lolita, (the captive orca) the place also features dolphin shows.


  • Zoo Miami: the largest zoological park in Florida


Located in Miami-Dade County, Zoo Miami is the oldest and the largest zoological park in Florida. The place was opened in the year 1948. The zoo covers an area of 750 acres and houses more than 3000 animals. Lake Iguana, Dr. Wilde’s World, and Sami Family Amphitheatre are some of the main attractions of the zoo.


  • Gesu Catholic Church: the oldest catholic church in the city


Built in 1896, Gesu Catholic Church is an important historic landmark that attracts many tourists. The church building is designed beautifully and is a reflection of the 19th century religious architecture.


  • Virginia Key: a perfect beach holiday destination


Virginia Key is a barrier island in Biscayne Bay known for its beautiful sandy beach and recreational facilities. Tourists often visit the Virginia Key Beach Park for day tours and picnics. It is also a great place to celebrate private events.

Explore The Historic City Of Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola is a city in the state of Florida. It is a port city which is located in the popular Pensacola Bay. The city has an estimated population of 53,779 and it spans over an area of 40.7 square miles. The city has many beautiful beaches and historic sites that attract many tourists and visitors to this quiet place. During the 17th and the 18th centuries the Spanish, the French, and the British had established their colonies in this city.

Pensacola is a perfect place for enjoying a tranquil holiday or perhaps a relaxing honeymoon vacation. Some of the best spots to visit during your stay in Pensacola are as follows.

  • National Naval Aviation Museum

The museum is dedicated to the history of the US Navy. It preserves different types of memorabilia that relates to the Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guards. This primarily includes spacecrafts and aircrafts that were used on several historic missions. It is a great place to visit for group tourists.

Address: 1750 Radford Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32508.

  • Santa Rosa Island

At a short distance from the Pensacola Bay lies the Santa Rosa Island. It is a beautiful getaway for spending a romantic weekend holiday. The beaches are beautiful and they have great restaurants and parks for the visitors. For a weekend holiday, you can halt at one of the many beach resorts that are quite luxurious.

  • Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum

If you happen to visit the city, you should definitely come to the Pensacola Lighthouse. The 150 foot tall tower offers a stunning view of the entire Pensacola Bay. The place also houses a historical museum and an attractive gift shop for the visitors.

Address: 2081 Radford Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32508.

  • Destination Archaeology Resource Center

One of the most interesting places to visit in Pensacola is the popular Destination Archaeology Resource Center. The place exhibits an assortment of displays associated with archaeological sites. This also includes underwater structures and landforms. The center features a virtual tour of various archaeological sites.

Address: 207 E Main St, Pensacola, FL 32502.

Timings: Wednesday to Tuesday – 10 AM to 4 PM, Sunday- Closed.