Lunenburg: Indulge Yourself In The Charming Seaside Town

On my visit to Lunenburg, I found out that it is not short of sites. It is s picturesque which has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the colonial settlement. Whether you just stroll around the buildings or dine in one of the fine restaurants, you are surely going to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Given below are the great things that you can do when you visit Lunenburg.

  • Visit Fisheries Museum

The red building of Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic isn’t difficult to find. You will find aquariums on display. I love watching fishes, so this was on my must-visit list. The Ice House Theatre shows films all through the day. There are historical vessels with historic interpreters who are actually retired, captain and fishermen. I got to learn a lot about the marine line and the oldest dory schooner of Canada.

  • Enjoy a festival

Lunenburg sure hosts some great festivals and events. To enjoy traditional music, you can check out the Boxwood Festival. However, the longest running festival in the city is the Folk Harbor Festival. There is music, workshops, dance, and conferences which are held for 4 days. I had so much fun enjoying the music and the dance.

  • Drop in at Knaut-Rhuland House

This is a historical site managed by the Heritage Society of Lunenburg. The display of life in the city in the 19th century enabled me to learn more about its history. I availed a guided tour for my convenience. It holds temporary, as well as permanent exhibitions.

  • Take a walk around old town

The Old Town of Lunenburg is an urban community of North America which has been labeled as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a stroll around to check out the various shops and restaurants. I got some souvenirs for my loved ones from the Old Town.