Peoria is a Treasure Trove Of Historic Sites

things to do in Peoria IllinoisPeoria is a city located on the Illinois River. The place was founded by a French Explorer.  As of today, it is a popular tourist destination that features many historic sites and structures. The city also has a dazzling nightlife and is recognized for its performing arts centers. Some of the most-visited tourist spots are described below:


  • Grand View Drive: set off on an unforgettable journey


One of the best locations in Peoria is none other than the Grand View Drive. The place offers amazing views of the Illinois River and the strikingly beautiful river valley with its dense foliage and colorful trees. There are many sites where tourists can halt for picnicking.


  • Peoria Zoo: a paradise for wildlife lovers


Peoria Zoo is a prime attraction that draws many family tourists and wildlife admirers to this city. The place houses more than 100 species of wild animals including elephants, giraffes, spider monkeys, rhinoceros, and sea lions.


  • Northmoor Observatory: a glimpse into the celestial world


Northmoor Observatory is a great place to visit if you are interested in space watching. Many tourists visit this observatory at the night time. This allows them to get a clear view of the stars and planets. The place also employs talented staff members that help the visitors with all the information they need.


  • Peoria Riverfront Museum: an exciting day tour


Located on the Washington Street, Peoria Riverfront Museum is an ideal destination for a day-long tour. It is a museum of art, natural history, and science with a wide range of exhibits like paintings, decorative art, posters, and carvings. The place also houses a planetarium and a theater.


  • Luthy Botanical Garden:  an enchanting world of blooms


Luthy Botanical Garden is located on the North Prospect Road. It was established in the year 1951. The place spans 5 acres of theme gardens that feature a spectacular floral display. The absolute beauty of the garden brings thousands of tourists to this place.