Top 3 Places You Must Visit In Montreal, Quebec

Montreal in Quebec is the second popular city in Canada. It was originally named as Ville Marie or City of Mary. Located on the Island of Montreal it later on took the same name. The city is located on an island and there are several other peripheral islands that surround it. The continental climate is a distinct aspect of the region where the summers are hot and warm and followed by cold and snowy winters. Montreal has a metropolitan area along with several municipalities. French is the official language of the city as there is about 66% French speaking population here.

It was historically the commercial capital of the country and today it remains a center for several industries in the finance, aerospace, commerce, culture, tourism, pharmaceuticals and others. Montreal houses several international organizations and their headquarters; it is known to be an ideal destination for different international association events. History of the place showcases the influence of the European settlers here, especially the French.

If you are traveling to Montreal, the places to see and do here are numerous. You could start by visiting Old Montreal, where one can enjoy the Parisian style historic district lined with museums, cultural landmarks, restaurants and sidewalk cafes. Mont or Mount Royal Park is an important landmark of this city. Frederick Law Olmsted designed this park in 1876 and there are birds, plants to enjoy here as well as activities and services that make it a wonderful recreational venue. Notre Dame Basilica is the oldest church here, a Catholic religious building that was built way back in 1656. The rich and intricate designs of the interiors and stained glass works make it a must see for place for all visitors to the city. These are some of the several places that you can see and experience in Montreal.