Visiting Syracuse and the things you want to consider checking out…

There is a lot of history in upstate New York. If you ever are heading west of Albany, make sure to invest time visiting Syracuse.

Syracuse is an older city that is starting to make a strong come back. It is located two hours west of Albany, and two hours east of Buffalo. The snowfall in the winter is truly unbelievable do to the lake affect snow coming off of Lake Ontario. It is not uncommon to see 8 to 10 feet of snow every year so if you are a snowshoer or cross country skier, there are plenty of trails around trails that you can visit to get outside for sure.

If you love great food you will definitely want to stop at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que,  Home to the best finger licking barbecue food I’ve ever eaten.

If you like the shopping experience,  Destiny USA  is New York’s largest shopping and dining center available to anyone who loves great shopping.

College football is a past time in Syracuse where the Orangemen play at the Carrier Dome.

From a real estate perspective, prices are starting to rise, consistent with the increase of jobs and technology coming to the area.   Many companies are starting to invest in the area because it is centrally located to all other major cities in New York State.

The population has sat around 140,000 people and has steadily declined over the last 20 years. This is consistent with all upstate New York cities as taxes are still very high and there are a lot of challenges with the weather and other cultural issues.

Still, this is definitely a great city with a lot of rich history and many museums and exhibits to visit.